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Metabolic disorders

This publication will contain scientific articles collecting results of work on the Maps of Health Needs for metabolic disorders. The authors are employees of the Department of Analysis and Strategy of the Ministry of Health, along with leading Polish experts.

Materials are created systematically throughout the entire project and are updated below on a regular basis.

  1. Medical care of patients with disorders of aromatic amino acid metabolism: a report based on the Polish National Health Fund data records (read the article >>)
  2. Treatment of classic phenylketonuria in Poland in the years 2009–2015 based on the database of the Polish National Health Fund (read the article >>)
  3. The incidence rate of hospitalized lysosomal storage diseases in Poland in 2013-2015 based on data from the National Health Fund (read the article>>).
  4. Incidence rate of non-hereditary amyloidosis in Poland (read the article>>)